The American Academy - Graduation Alliance

Project Overview

This project was both exhilarating and gratifying. I deployed my design prowess to ensure the layout and shopping experience were top-tier, taking into account the unique challenges of selling digital products and the workflows involved. The original e-commerce platform was antiquated, operating solely on Paypal and a custom-built system. By transitioning to Shopify, I managed to significantly boost the site's sales by a factor of five.

One of the most significant challenges we faced was the incorporation of a subscription-based model. We wanted to provide an option for students to opt for a 'pay-over-time' plan, making the classes more affordable for those without a diploma. My role involved integrating Shopify with the existing system and liaising with developers to relay payment status to the Learning Management System (LMS). This required considerable research and user experience design to ensure students could view payment details, receive warning messages, and access other pertinent information about their subscription plan.